Of course. Contestants may sleep in all rooms and corridors. We will also prepare for you a quiet and dark sleeping room.

If it makes you more comfortable, take your favourite pillow or sleeping bag.

Every challenge will have a main prize of 3000 PLN for the first place divided equally between the contestants. Second and third place will receive non-financial prizes.
Don’t worry. We will help you find a team before the event. Also during AI Games you will meet many great people that are also trying to form a team and can’t wait to have you on board.

Also if you prefer to compete as a lonely warrior, you can participate as a a single-member team.

Yes, we will provide you with 2 meals on the first day and a breakfast on the second day. Also expect some pizza in the evening hours.

Let’s face it. AI is changing the world. It’s changing the way we develop technologies, build businesses and educate ourselves. AI Games team decided to eagerly face this challenge and help AI geeks from all around the world build their own visions of our future with AI. During AI Games your team will have 24 hours to hack your own solution to one of 3 real world AI challenges.
17-19 January 2020 at Gdansk Science and Technology Park. With the hackathon taking place 18-19 January.
Absolutely everyone! It doesn’t matter how old are you, where you come from, what you can and can’t do. If you are interested in artificial intelligence AI Games is for you!
Besides great fun, awesome and valuable prizes (3000 PLN per challenge!), incredible amount of knowledge, class leading companies, interesting lectures, brilliant mentors, and a lot of networking there is also going to be free food (pizza included)!
Aviation challenge – in this challenge you will need to build a prediction model based on data produced by planes. Rest of the challenges are going to be announced soon
You will need your own laptop, and whatever peripherals you need but that’s it. You will be able to use cloud solutions with gpus so you don’t need one on your own (if you have a laptop/pc with a GPU it would be probably easier to use your own though). Internet will be provided too.
Every challenge will have its own jury consisting of mentors and representatives from the company behind the challenge.
There will be a special area prepared to sleep in, and the food provided so the is no need to go anywhere if you want to squeeze as much as possible from those two days. Although, If you can and want to, you can always go home to get a few hours of sleep in your own bed.
No, you can buy them separately, although there is a discount if you do it together.
Of course! There will be a special Facebook group to help you find team members, you can group up when during the hackathon and you can also take part on your own if you want to.
Up to 5 people.